Tuesday , August 14 2018

Strategist: China’s pursuit of resources in Africa


Haven’t had time to cool down the gun barrels of the conflict in South Sudan, together with the conclusion of a fragile peace on the streets of the capital that African States were Chinese workers involved in a wide range of energy, engineering, construction, telecommunications and other projects. China sees …

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Russia gave Turkey a month to get out of Idlib


In the South-West of Syria at Damascus had many difficulties. After quick success in the Eastern part of the province of Dar, where the first managed to achieve the rapid defeat of the separate militant groups, and then surrender to their more cautious comrades, it was the turn of bordering …

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The Olympic games arena of the Cold war against Russia


5 December 2017, the international Olympic Committee announced its decision: the Russian team is allowed to participate in the Olympics in Pyeongchang, but our athletes are allowed to participate under a white flag to the Olympic Committee, but only those whom he will invite the IOC after the special Commission …

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Anniversary Pokemon GO cancelled due to technical problems


Anniversary Pokemon GO to Chicago was cancelled due to a technical failure. According to the American media, because of improper operation of the system players are unable to open the app. Niantic CEO John Hank tried to calm the crowd, but was booed when going on stage. The organizers have …

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Debts of Russians will begin to beat robots-collectors


In Russia from September 1 this year, all debtors and mortgage holders know for yourself about what is high technology. VTB Bank is introducing most of these robots-collectors who will be engaged in knocking out debt to anyone who owes the Bank at least a ruble. At the moment, VTB …

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